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First impression about Spain after visiting

– I see so many nice expensive cars. Maybe it is my misunderstanding because I just came from Africa?
– People try to save electricity really hard. When I go to the public washroom, always it is dark that I must turn on the right or push the button for automatic light.
– People usually don’t honk horn. But when I make some mistake, they are impatient and honk horn.
– People have dinner at late around 9 pm.
– They eat the cheese for the desert (There was a cheese on the table during dinner. I didn’t know it was for the desert that I just ate that with my meals. Sorry… hahaha. )
– Many people can’t speak English well. (I could speak a little bit of Spanish that it was okay for me.)
– I can drink tap water in Madrid, but in other city it is not recommended.
– I buy 2L water for 0.27 € (40 cents) in a big market
– I can buy food such as cheese and bread so cheaply in the big market I can find every place.
– But other things are so expensive.
– The south is for farming and the north is for the factory. So, northern Spain is richer than Southern Spain.
– Most of people blind their window all the time.
– The elevator is too small to fit my bicycle that I have to put it vertically.
– Actually they don’t need recycle hard because there is a big factory which recycles with a big blow machine.
– Around Barcelona this region is called Cataluna where people speak different language, Catalan. They want to become independent, because they are totally different tribe. But Spain never let them go, because this area is so good for money. I think Tibet=Quebec=Cataluna .. I am sure there are many tribes like this.
– People loves pigs. Jerked meet.
– People loves pigs and cheese, but they are thin.
– The government is corrupted like Korean one
– The rate of unemployed is too high such as 20% for a long time.
– People are enough generous and kind.
– There is no bicycle road. I got lost so many times to avoid a big main high way. Even the secondary road is too complicated to be found.
– There are lots of roundabouts.
– All cars wait the traffic sign, but when they come out of cars, they don’t wait the traffic sign. At the most of time, I saw that people just cross at the red light. (One of friends paid 100$ for penalty, but he still walks on the red light.)
– Although it is winter, at the day it is really good to cycle. But in the night it is too cold to sleep in a tent.

(Spain) Here is one more country on the list of my favorite country.

[14/01/22~02/10 (D+893) Spain/(to French border)] 

I like Spain that I will put Spain on my favorite country’s list. I wish I have more time to see this country.


I arrive in a host house so late that I feel sorry. But I realize in Spain people have dinner around 9 pm. So, I am okay? Maybe?
My host name is Alba who is from Spain and Gerard who is from Switzerland. While Alba studied in Switzerland, she met him. Now they live in Spain. They speak French when they talk to each other.
I cough so hard in the night that it is hard to talk. But it is so fun to talk to them.
Around finishing dinner, she asks me “Do you know which meat you eat just now?”
“Of course, I know! It is a chicken!”
“What? Isn’t it chicken? Oh, you guys eat a duck like Korean?”
“No, it is not a duck”
“I don’t think it is a pig or cow?”
“No, it is not.”
“Oh………………….You…… What did you do to me?? Hahahaha..”
“I asked you at first ‘What kind of food do you like’. And you answered ‘I love any of food I can eat. I just love eating anything.”
“Oh, Yes, I said that! Hahahaha. Which meat is it????????? Oh!! Let me guess. I love finding answer! Let me guess… DOG???????????”
“NO, we don’t eat a dog.”
“What is this? It is so tasty……. Is it………..Ra…….Ra…….Rabbit?????????”
“Oh!!!!!!!! AWESOME!! I wanted to eat this one when I heard Spanish people eat Rabbit. It is so delicious!!”
So funny night ever! Hahahahaha…

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(Spain) Is it your first time to visit Europe?? YES!

[13/12/30~14/01/12 (D+865) Spain/(to Algemesi)] Is it your first time to visit Europe?? YES!

I am crossing the ocean to finish African trip and to start Europe trip. When I was 20 years old, my dream was to visit Europe. Now I am going there.

Spain (From Madrid to Algemesi)

At the last day in Africa I found my multitool which is the most important gear and held on the frame was gone.
While the way to Airport, a taxi got a flat tire. A driver said he can fix it. So I waited and waited. But he failed it. I had to take other taxi.
Ex-driver didn’t pay properly to a new driver that I had to pay more again.
A new driver did not know anything about airport. There was sign “Terminal 1” where I must go. But he kept asking me the direction in Arabic to me.
Receptionist said he can not give me a ticket, because I don’t have return ticket. I kept begging.
He said he can never give me the ticket which I booked and paid until I bring out-ticket from Spain.
I ask to use internet to buy any cheap ticket. He said “Nope”.
I kept begging. He said finally “Talk to our manager.”
So I went to a manager
“Sir, please.. blah blah blah”
Manager said at the last
“I agree with you”
So I got a ticket!

I feel a bit scared. Is there only thing left is plane crash?

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