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How to get from Panama to Colombia

1.  Ferry
– Colon (Panama) to Cartagena (Colombia) : 11 hours
*Ferry started from 2013?2014, but from 2015 there is no ferry anymore. Ferry company’s facebook  

2. Airplane
-one way is from 200$ to 400$

3. Airplane + Two boats
-Airplane : Panama City to Puerto Obaldia(Panama border) (55~60$),
-The ship : Puerto Obaldia to Capurgana(Colombia border) (15$), Capurgana – Turbo(Colombia) (25$, overcharge if you have too many things/ 3hours / lunching in the 7 am)
-(More information about bus)
Bus : Turbo to Cartagena (a northbound, 30$, 7 hours), Turbo to Medelline (a southbound, 30$, 6 hours)

4. Sailing boat 
(If you find other travelers in the hostel at the capital, then you can make price cheaper when you negotiate with captains)
-Way 1 : From Miramar or Carti or Portobelo (10~25$ Bus or other things from Panama City) to (San Blas) to Puerto Obaldia (130$~200$) to Capurgana (15$) to Turbo (25$, 3 hours, a southbound, Colombia!)
– Way 2 : From Miramar or Carti or Portobelo to San Blas to Cartagena (Sailing Boat 350$~500$. It takes over 2 days from San Blas to Cartagena, a northbound, Colombia!)
– Going to Miramar or Carti from Panama city (There is another city, Colon but it’s the most dangerous city in Panama. You should not go there unless you take a ferry)
– Many people get information in Carti
– You also can get information in Portobelo but there are only few boats.
(There is a hostel in Portobelo. It’s 11$, but you can’t use kitchen and have to pay for wifi)
-I recommend you to stop at San Blas for one day or two days.

!Be careful!
-If you can’t find a boat as soon as possible, then you will spend money more and more while waiting at the hostel.
I think the most good way to save money is to find a boat in Panama City.
-If you go to Cartagena, you must get exit stamp of Panama. You must ask to your captain that captain will work for your paper.
-If you go to Colombia without exit stamp of Panama, you must be in huge trouble.
-El Porvenir Island which is one of San Blas has immigration. You can never get stamp of Panama without a captain. -You must ask to captain for your paper.
-Whatever, sailing boats are small, so many people have pain of a seasick.
-Must bring a pill of seasick or ask to your captain to get a pill. I think it’s good idea to bring sleeping pill as well.
-You should have a pill of seasick before the boat start to sail.
-If you carry a bicycle, then prepare large plastic gag to protect from sea water.

If you decide to go to Colombia by boat, I wish you good luck!!!!!

*The information was written in 2012, so the price and things could be changed. If you have recent information, please leave comment.


The journal I wrote about it
[12/04/20~30 (D+243) Going to Colombia] Here is another adventure.

[12/04/20~30 (D+243) Going to Colombia] Here is another adventure.

20th April 2012

I come to Portobelo to find a boat.
Portobelo was founded in 1597 by Spanish explorer Francisco Velarde y Mercado. Legend has it that Christopher Columbus originally named the port “Puerto Bello”, meaning “Beautiful Port”, in 1502.

I find one of Couchsurfing Members in Portobelo so that I can stay at his house for a night. It is pleased to meet him. He is from Portugal and he is teacher of music in Portobelo. One of society built music school and local children can learn music for free. I am very impressed of their project.

It seems that Rui who is my host knows everyone in Portobelo. So, I think I can get some of information from him. We go to a bar in the night and I talk with some people. One of them says engine of his boat is broken so he has to go only by wind and it will take over 10 days. It costs 100$ without food. Usually most of the boats are over 350~500$. So, I say to him that I will think of it.

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