(Slovenia) Quiet and peaceful Slovenian road

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I enter into Slovenia on a small road. The plant on the picture is edible. It is called Sparoga. In English it is Asparagus. But totally this one has different tasty. It is much delicious.



10%!!! It is a bit hilly at the front.



I love today route, which is so peaceful.



We try to find sparoga.




It is said sparoga. It is really good with eggs. I love this plant that I just eat without any seasoning.



I’ve seen many people looking for this plant.



I feel so safe in Slovenia that I’ve seen many houses leave their door open.



We arrive in Sezana around the dark and stay at warmshower host’s house. We have some Slovenian beer in the night.



It is typical Slovenian food which is called Potica.



We cycle in the morning together.



Different bicycle~





We pass a beautiful farm, which has white horses.



After a small village, we have farewell with the host.



Thanks to host, we could get information of skocjan Caves, which was entered on UNESCO’s list of natural and cultural world heritage sites in 1986.




The above picture is from the website of the park.// It is forbidden to take the picture at the inside. I don’t know why it is not allowed.

It is my first time to visit a cave in my life. I expect too much, so actually I am a bit disappointed. There are not much stunning view, but too dark.

Anyway it is enough to motivate to visit other cave. I hope I can see more amazing cave at the next time.





At the outside of cave, it is possible to take picture.



After one hour, we go out.



Explanation about how the cave was created



The view of whole park



It is good that I can put luggage for free. The space is enough big.

After visiting park, I can cross the Croatian border without problem. Croatia joined EU last year, but still it is not Schengen area. They need some years to become Schengen area and use Euro.

My host in Slovenia is a worker on the border. He told me that the fine is 500 euros if I overstay in Schengen area. But he said that totally it depends on the luck. If the person who overstays is polite and has a good excuse, an immigration officer will not ask any fine. But if the person is rude or doesn’t have enough good reason, the immigration will fine 500 euros whatever for only one day overstaying.

I have had good time to cycle together with Florent for a few days. But after Croatia, we have different route that we go different way. It was really good experience to cycle with other people. I hope I have this kind of experience sometimes.


Actually my plan from Milano was to hitchhike or take the train to have enough tour and not to overstay. But I suddenly changed the plan, because I wanted to move with my bike all the way as long as I can. I was not sure that I can go out of Schengen area on time, because the distance was far and I had to cross the mount.

But yeah, I made it with my bike!

From now, I am out of Schengen area!! More free :)




Days in Slovenia= 2 Days
Distance of cycling in Slovenia= 84.94 km (53.08 mi)
Cities I stayed in Slovenia= 1 City
Expenditure in Slovenia = €12 = $16.8 (€1 = $1.4 )

[14/03/29~30 (D+942) Slovenia]

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