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  • I have loved looking through your record. it gives a really good overview. In years to come , you will be able to look back and wonder how you ever did it. Looking forward to hearing about your time in Lapland. well done young lady. I admire your determination.

    • Even sometimes I cannot believe what I’ve done with my bicycle in Americas, Africa, and Europe. And many times I feel so lucky.

      • you are fortunate to be born much later than me. Women of my generation where much more restricted both financially and socially. However , that hasn’t stopped me as I got older and I am off to Holland and Germany in June cycling with my husband. I have been off camping and cycling on my own but others find it very odd . As we say in Yorkshire- good on ya girl.

        • That’s true.
          Some people have complained that these days the human are too cold and rude with technology. Many of people said the past was better than now.
          I have different opinion. If I was born long time ago in the past, I had to only stay at the house because there was not much human rights for women. So, I appreciate to be born now than the past time.
          I hope the future would be better than now for human rights I care much.
          Thank you for sharing your story :)

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