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How to extend Iran visa


What to need?

1. Two photos  (Women have to have veiled photo.)

2. Two copies of the first page of the passport and Iran visa

3. Local Address
(It is not important that embassy officer did not check detail. I just wrote any hotel address I found on online.)

4. Pay around $9 (345,000 Rial)
Transfer at the Melli Bank


How to apply?

1. Go to Passport Office three days before your visa expire.
Map of Passport Office in Esfahan
(Open from 8 am to 2pm. It is very busy. Try to go to early morning. You may have to wait one and half hour to talk to an officer. )

2. You have to pay small money to get pink folder which has form.
(In Esfahan, Reception is at the outside.)

3. You will get in a day or at the next day.
(I applied at the last day and got 30 days at the next day.)

How to apply Iran visa?? Actually it is very easy.

What to need?

1. Two photos  

2. Passport copy
(For a girl, Hijab is not mandatory. It just depends on the embassy where you apply. Just ask immigration officer how to do.)

2. Local Address
(I got from local people through online. It is not important that embassy officer did not check detail)

3. Insurance copy 
(I bought 30 days insurance on the travel agency on the street with $20.)
(Embassy in Budapest did not ask it that I applied without it in Budapest. )

4. Reference number from local travel agency. ($35~$55)

5. Money 20 Euros~100 Euros
(It depends on nation. Australian 100 Euros, Hon Kong 40 Euros and so on. 20 Euros for Korean.
After applying, you have to go to the bank to pay it. Then take receipt and give to Embassy.)

(If you are from the U.S, U.K, and Canada, you need a guide for whole trip in Iran. )

How to get a reference number for Iran visa?

1. Find Local travel agency company
I used two times and it worked fine all the time.
-Normal, 57 CAD, 7-10 working days / Urgent, 111 CAD, 5-6 Working days/ Top Urgent, 160 CAD, 2-4 working days
-You have to let them know your credit card number and expiry date. (They will charge money only what they need. I did not have any problem after using this company two times.)

-Normal, 55 USD, 7 days to 14 days working days
-You have to transfer money to their bank

Key to Persian
I saw a few people having problem with this company. Such as reference number went to the other embassy that they have to apply again.
-30 Euros, 10 working days
-You have to transfer money to their bank

Do not use
It is scam website. Many people told that they never got a reference number after paying.

2. Send your passport copy and write down form the travel agency will give you via email.
It is very easy form that you have to write about name, passport info, how long you want to stay and blah blah thing.

3. Choose embassy to send Reference Number.
You can only apply the visa at the embassy where you send a reference number.

4. Pay money
Let the travel agency know your credit card information or transfer money through Western Union

5. Iranian government will send you a reference number to your email.
You go to the embassy with this number.

How long does it take time?

1. To get a reference number
-7~14 days
(Touranzamin took usually 7 days)

2. To apply and get a visa at the embassy
-Usually 2~5 days
(It depends on the embassy)
-Two days in Tbilisi, Georgia
-Four days in Budapest, Hungary
-Five days in Yerevan, Armenia

Iran embassy working hours

Most of embassy works only in the morning for applying visa such as 9~12 or 10~1:30
-In Tbliisi, Georgia 10am to 1:30pm / Close on Friday (I cannot remember about Saturday and Sunday)

You can extend visa 30 days two times .

Although the second time to extend visa is difficult, I saw all people succeeded.

*You do not need visa if you fly with airplane. You can get arrival visa at the airport.

15 or 30 days (extendable for another 15 days)/Korean 50 Euros (Depends on nations. Polish 85 Euros, German 75 Euros, Brazilian 80 Euros and so on)

*Reference number is not needed in Batumi, Georgia in 2015

One traveler told me he got Iran visa without a reference number in Batumi.

*You need Reference number in Trabzon, Turkey since 2015.

Trabzon was known for easiest place to get Iran visa. But it has been changed since 2015. Now you need a reference number in Trabzon.


Foreigner can not take money from ATM and You cannot use visa card. You must bring USD or Euro to Iran and exchange. There is no black market that you can get similar rate wherever you go.


(Please leave a comment if you have some information to share with other traveler about your experience to get Iran visa.)

What happens if stay longer than 90 days in Schengen Area (Europe)


I could stay only 90 days in 180 days in Schengen Area in Europe. But actually I’ve stayed over 128 days at this time. I knew some other law that I could stay at some country each for three months such as Germany, Sweden, and Poland.



It was recommended to collect all the receipt to prove how long I stayed at those countries.
But actually it depended on the immigration. If he or she said that that law I wanted to insist is not important, but Schengen visa is prior, then I would be in trouble. So, most of traveler didn’t try to stay over 90 days although they passed on those countries.


By the way I did know some cases people stayed over 90 days.
– Korean business guy stays for 3 months in Paris and goes home for one month and comes back to Paris. He keeps doing it, but he never has the problem at Paris airport.
– Two Korean cyclists stayed over 90 days in Schengen Area, but they didn’t have problem to go out and even come back after a month at the border.
– Another Korean cyclist stayed over 90 days in Schengen Area and went to England, but he didn’t have any problem at all.
– I’ve stayed at Slovenian Immigration’s house in Slovenia. He told me it depends on Immigration. If the worker at the immigration is too strict, the worker would fine 500 Euros for the guy who overstayed for only one day. But if the worker is so flexible, it depends on the situation. He told me if the guy is so rude and arrogant, the worker would fine even for one day over stay. If the guy is so humble and polite, he would not fine even for 30 days overstay


So my conclusion is it depends on luck.

(Warning : It is your risk to stay over 90 days. I am not responsible for your risk. This posting is not the true info, but only just my experience.)