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Best Hanoi Street Food Tour in Vietnam

<Hanoi street food map>

Banh Cuon  – [Thin Rice sheet with meat or shrimp] (Address – 14 B bao khanh ko)

It is made from a thin, wide sheet of steamed fermented rice batter filled with a mixture of cooked seasoned ground pork or Shrimp.

It is a small dish that it would not make you full.


Bun cha [Dip noodles into Soup with Grilled pork broth]  (Address-Cannot find local address, but Exact coordinator 21.028946, 105.849455)

It is served with grilled pork in the broth which is based on vinegar, sugar and fish sauce. You have to take rice noodle to dip into pork soup with herbs.


Xoi Xeo – [Yellow sticky rice with fried onions and meat] (Address –  35B Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm)

It is sticky rice topped with ground de-hulled mung bean and fried onion. Usually it can be served with eggs, steamed chicken, or pork.


Nom Thit Bo Kho [Dried beef salad] 

(Address – 51 Dinh Tien Hoang, around 21.031830, 105.853115)

It is a light and refreshing salad of fresh green papaya, strips of beef and sweet beef jerky, topped with toasted peanuts and a fish sauce dressing.


Banh Tom – [Shrimp and Sweet Potato Fritter] (Address – 52 Lý Quốc Sư, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm)

It is Vietnamese shrimp cake. It is made of thick cut sweet potato and shrimp, coated with light batter and deep-fried until golden brown. It is often served as an appetizer and commonly eaten wrapped with lettuce, pickle, herbs and dipped into nuoc mam sauce.

Nem Ran – [Spring rolls] 

It is made of mince pork, sea crabs, eggs, minced Jew’s ears, thin-top mushroom, dried onions, bean-sprouts, pepper, spiced salt, etc. The mixture is then rolled in flat rice cakes and fried in a pan until crispy.


Bun Thang – [Chicken Vermicelli Soup noodle] (Address – 48 Cầu Gỗ, Hàng Bạc, Hoàn Kiếm)

It is a traditional noodle soup with dried shrimp, chicken, egg, onion, other vegetables, a little bit Belostomatid essence and other spices.


Che – [Sweet dessert beverage]  (Address – 95 Hang Bac)

It is sweet dessert soup or pudding that there are many kinds. It can be made with mung beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, tapioca, jelly (clear or grass), fruit (longan, mango, durian, lychee or jackfruit), and coconut cream.


Egg Coffee – [Most Creamy coffee] 

(Address – <Giang Café> 39 Nguyễn Hữu Huân, Lý Thái Tổ, Hoàn Kiếm
Original egg coffee shop.. but they make big potion all together with big machine. Not fresh
– I cannot find the other place where staff made fresh egg coffee)

It is made of Black coffee, Egg York, Honey, Condense Milk, Milk and Rum. It is most creamy coffee. You have to mix very well at the beginning to have deep flavor.  Giang Café made egg coffee not with Rum, but Whisky.

Iran travel guide (Safety, Places to visit, Clothes for a girl, and other useful information)

Is it Safe to travel in Iran?

My answer is Yes and No

* It is much safer than Europe or the U.S about being attacked by a terrorist
– If you think Iran is dangerous because of the terrorist, it means that you are brainwashed by Western media. Iran is very safe country for traveling.
– There are many terrorists attacking in Europe and the U.S these days. But in Iran, there is no such a terrorist. Just do not go to a conflict area such as Iraq border which has nothing to see.

* There is a risk for solo female tourist because of sexual harassing. 
– There is a risk of physical sexual harassing if you are a girl and travel alone.
– I heard many girls got sexually harassed during traveling in Iran. If you are a backpacker, you might not get it. But if you are a girl on a bicycle alone, you would get it a 90% chance.
– I got sexually harassed two times on a bicycle.
(Even I had a male cycling partner in Iran, but when I was alone on a bicycle, it happened. I cannot imagine if I was cycling all the way for two months alone, how many times I would get sexually harassed. To cycle in Africa is safer than in Iran for a girl. )

* Men and couple should be careful as well about getting sexual harassing.
– Some male travelers told me they got sexually harassed as well. So even if you are a male, use common sense in Iran.
– Japanese cyclist couple and Swiss cyclist couple were attacked by local males and ran away from rape danger during wild camp at the mid night. So be careful in Iran for wild camp. 

Places to visit

Iran map

Iran Tourist Map (Red-Main touristic spot, Blue-touristic spot, Black-Not much things to see)

* Ispahan

(Two to three days is enough. I liked Ispahan more than Shiraz. Local people would say Shiraz is more beautiful, but many tourists like Ispahan more.)
Imam Square
Big square is surrounded by a big mosque building. You have to pay (a few dollars) to go into mosque

Khajou Bridge and Siosepol Bridge
It is beautiful in the night and peaceful at the day. There is no water in the summer and it does not look much beautiful then.

Vank Cathedral

A few Museums and Bazar

* Shiraz
Presepolis and Pasagad Tomb
It is 55 km far from the city. Ruins is not well restored but it is worth to visit. It would be the only place to see many old and big ruins. 

Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine (Mosque)
Built 700 years ago. Mirrors were build 200 years ago.
Free entrance.
The girl will get chador at the entrance for free.
You have to wait some minutes to have a guide for free (it is mandatory.)
To take the picture depends on the guide. Some tourist were not allowed to take the picture. But my guide lets me.
If you followed the guide to the office, you will get the candy, cookies, and tea.
The yard is very big and beautiful.

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque(colorful window)
Open Hours : Week day 7:30-11:30, 14:30-17:00, Holidays and Friday 8:00-11:00, 15:00-17:00
Entrance fee : 100,000 Rial ($2.7)
It is good at early morning because the sun would be at the middle of the colorful window.

Vakil Bazar
Big and some interesting stuff such as spicy, sweet thing, different kind of nuts and seed, hand craft

Eram Garden
Entrance fee : 150,000 Rial ($4.16)
Built during Saljughid Dynasty era(1037-1193 ac)
Big enough and beautiful. (Much beautiful and worth than Fin Garden in Kashan)
April would be the best time to visit.
I visited on Dec, but it was green anyway. But not flowers and fruits.

Arge Karim Khan fortress.
Entrance fee : 200,000 Rial ($5.5)
Some local people said nothing to see that I did not visit.

Tomb of Hafez


* Yazd
(It is very popular for old town like mud house. ) (Picture is from Flikr, which is allowed to use.)
Towers of silence, Old Town, Mosque

* Kashan
Bagh-e Fin Garden

Local people will say it is the most beautiful garden in the world. It is true only for them who live in the desert. It is not that much special actually to other tourist.

Old Town
(Tabatabei House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Borujerdi House,
Abbasian House, Ameriha House)
You can buy the ticket for a few house or pay separately. It is not that cheap if you visit every house, which you do not need.

Namak salt lake and desert
You have to find the taxi to go to the desert which is 50 km far from the city. It is unpaved road. There is Caravansary you can sleep with cheap price and you can have meal (Of course kebab). . Caravansary is not on the desert but close to.
Salt lake is at the left side and sand desert is at the right side 10 km after Caravansary.
Salt lake is not like the picture you see on online. There is no more enough salt. The sand desert is not like the picture as well. You have to get off from the car and walk a bit to go into the sand desert.
Although it is not like picture on online, it is worth to visit.
<For cyclist : It is unpaved road, but not bad. You can buy water at Caravansary. Also there is a restaurant.>

* Kerman
Shazdeh Garden and Gonbad-e Jabaliye (Old building)

* Mashhad
Imam Reza Holy Shrine
Mashhad is the most holy place in Iran because it is the only place they have Imam grave. The city is more conservative that you can see lots of girl wearing black chador on the street.
If you are a girl, you will get chador for free to enter Holy Shrine. Tourists have to wait for a guide for free. You will watch some video and then a guide will explain about Holy Shrine.

* Qesm Island
(It is more expensive than other cities in Iran.) (All place is far that you have to drive lot to vist all these places.)
You must go there at the right time when water comes so that you can see trees on the water. It is so pretty.

Chahkooh and Stars Valley
Beautiful canyon

Namakdan Salt Cave
There are a few salt caves. It is difficult to find alone. You need a guide or local people’s help. It is very beautiful.

Watching dolphin with the boat

*Hormoz Island
Salt Cave, Beautiful color mountain, and Sea
It is very colorful island because of different color sand on the mountain.
It is really beautiful place that you can go in the morning and come back at the afternoon from Qesm Island (And maybe from Bandar Abbas as well).
You can hire Tok-Tok three wheels taxi to look around. There is no transportation except it. 

* Kish Island
Good for relax at the resort

* Qom
It is the second holy place in Iran that you will see many women wearing black chador on the street. You can visit Mosque and have a guide look around for free.

* Tabriz
Not much things to see except Bazar, Mosque, and Poets Tomb (Maqbaratol Shoara)

* Teheran
Not much things to see except some museums. Worst traffic in Iran.
But it would be interesting to see young local people to compare from other city how they wear hijab and clothes and couple walking with holding hands. Good place for party if you can find.

How is traveling in Iran?

*About People
– Local people are very kind that they love to invite you for sleeping or a tea.
(Because of this reason, most of Western people love to travel in Iran.)

– If you are an Asian, you have to hear all the time “Nihao, China, Ching chang chong”
(Because of this reason, some of Asian (None-Chinese) do not feel comfortable to travel in Iran.)

– Sometimes local people are too friendly.
(Too many people wants to talk to you specially if you are on a bicycle. )

– Not many people speaking English.
(But it is not bad that you can find always people speaking English. )

– You will eat endlessly Kebab that there is no such a choice in the restaurant.
– If you eat at the normal restaurant on the street, it costs only $2~3.
– If you are invited by local people at their house, you can see many different foods. 

– March and April is the best season to travel Iran
– Iran is huge that the temperature varies.
– South is warm even in the winter. It is too hot in the summer and South is hotter than other place.
– I cycled from north to south on Nov and Dec and it was a bit chilly at the day and cold in the night in northern and central Iran. Anyway it was fine to cycle. 

– There is no ATM for foreigners. You must bring USD or Euro. 
– The rate on the internet is too low.
On internet $1=30,000. But real rate is $1=36,000 in 2015
Go to Local market (Bazar) and see what is official rate.
– There is no black market that exchange rate is similar wherever you go
– $1-36,000 Rial in 2015.
– 10,000 Rial  = 1,000 Toman ($1-3600 Toman)
People usually use Toman more than Rial.
– Everything is very cheap that you can buy lots of things on the grocery with a few dollars. 

*Ruins and culture
– There is no ancient ruins to see except Persepolis
Mostly things you can see is Old town, Mosque and local market (Bazar)
– Iran is culturally rich
There are lots of Persian cultures you might be interested.
If you have a chance to stay with a local people through or or just being invited on the road, you can see beautiful Persian culture.

* Nature
– There are many beautiful places, sea, mountains, and desert.

* Transportation
– It is very cheap. 
In the city, usually you share the taxi with other people and pay only 50 cents for a few kilometers.
Tran is very good and cheap. There is a bed if it is a long distance.
Men and Women are separated at the bus and train except taxi. Make sure you stand at the right place at the public transportation. 

* Traffic
– Horrible
Iran is one of the worst place for driving that they drive like on the video game.
If you drive your car, be careful.
The road is always busy with too many cars.
– Girls can drive
If you go to bigger city, you will see more girls driving.
So even if you are a girl, you can drive without the problem in Iran.

* Internet
– Extremely slow like Africa except a few bigger cities
The speed is same as like in Africa except a big city like Mashhad and Qeshm island. (I have never been in Teheran, but I guess they would have better internet than other city. )
I bought 10 gb sim card for two person. We could only use 100 mb for one month that it was impossible to use internet at many big cities.
– Most of the websites are blocked that you must install VPN before going to Iran.
Facebook, Youtube, Skype, Whatsapp, and many other websites are blocked except Instagram. Even they block famous Korean websites which are like Google. When you research on google in Iran, you would see lots of websites which are blocked.
– Recommend Free VPN for your laptop and smart phone.
Hotspot Shield Free VPN (But lots of advertising), Betternet (Very simple. But it may not work. Just try and delete if it is not working.)

* Other useful info
– Iranian Sunday is Friday. On Friday, all things close. Their Sunday is weekday. 
– Shop(and Bazar) closes 1pm to 4 pm.
If you need something at the shop, try to go earlier or later.
– Alcohol is forbidden by the law.
– Toilet is Squat toilet and usually there is no toilet paper. So prepare all the time toilet paper.
At some place such as the hotel, maybe you can have other toilet.
– Girls talk only to girls and boys talk to boys (and girls sometimes)
Usually girls will not talk to a male that you (if male) will not have the chance to talk to a girl on the street.
– Iranian is not Arabs but Persian and they do not speak Arabic but Farsi.(But actually Farsi and Arabic are similar.)
To them, it is not Arabian Gulf, but Persian Gulf. 
If you say like this, they would feel offend “You speak Arabic? Right? you Arabs. I like Arabian Gulf.”
– Do not take the picture of the government building.
– Crossing border is quite easy. They did not check my bags at all over a few times.
Some Japanese tourist I met bought alcohol at the airport and brought to Iran and it was no problem. (Maybe she did not know alcohol is forbidden in Iran.) The thing is workers at the airport did not check her bag.

* Some fact
– Whenever you go, you will see the picture of Iranian Leader.
It is very common thing on some Muslim countries like in U.A.E (Dubai) and Oman
– Many people are actually not Muslim. 
Nobody knows how many population is Muslim.
– If you want to see serious religious Muslim culture, you should go to other country.
Such as in Sudan or Zanzibar, you can see people stop working or driving car to pray five times a day and most of them do fasting during Ramadan.
– Most of girl do not like hijab and even Muslim girl do not like hijab as well.
Hijab is only mandatory at the public place.
When you are invited at local people’s house, eight or nine of ten will say “You do not need wear hijab at my house. ”
But if the owner of the house did not say anything about hijab after inviting you, you have to wear it all the time.
Many girls post on online with wearing short clothes or without hijab like other countries.
-People are afraid of being investigated as spy.
Just try to understand their situation and respect their house rule if you are invited at their house. Some of them on couchsurfing might ask you “Please, do not leave reference on my profile.”
– If you go to Teheran and know right young guy, you can go to party and drink as much as you can.
You will see girl wearing mini skirt like in western country and of course none of girl wear hijab at the party.
Some of young guys are like in other countries. Party, Drink, and have fun.
Iran is paradox that you can see very conservative things on the public and very progressive things at the behind. One example is Facebook is blocked but Iranian government had Facebook page.

How is cycling in Iran?

* Mostly you will have shoulder and the road is well paved.
* Local People are very hospitable that they love to invite you.

* You can sleep at Red Crescent. A 80~90% chance they would let you sleep at the inside.
* You can sleep at mosque whatever you are a girl, boy, or couple.
At the gas station, it is 24 hours that it is no problem to sleep. But in the city, they close in the night that you have to ask.
* You can sleep at caravansary in the city for free after getting permit.
* A bottle of water is very cheap like 20~30 cents.
* There is a village and town every 10~30 km. Remember a grocery shop closes from 1pm to 4 pm.
* It is pretty safe from thief, kidnap, and terrorist.
* Many people want to talk to you that you might be asked to stop quite often on a bicycle.
* There is no high mountain at the central part that it is easy going.
* Many places are semi-desert that it has similar landscape except northern part and some southern part. 

 What to wear and some tip for a girl 

– Girl must wear hijab by the law.
Try to buy not slippery scarf. If it is slippery, you must put your hands to head to check all the time “Are you there?”
Be careful when you go to a toilet to not wet your scarf
You do not need hide all your hair. You will see many young girls only hide half head. You will learn once you go to Iran.
– How to wear
Fold one-third horizontally, Put it on your head, left side should be shorter and right is longer, take right side to your left shoulder. That’s all.
– Every girl hides their hips with long jacket or shirt. It is not the law, but you must do actually.
It can be really uncomfortable because it makes hotter during the day and also it is difficult for a squat toilet.
– Hide your skin with long pants and long sleeve
– Flip flob is okay actually

What to wear for a man

* You can wear short sleeve
* You must not wear shorts for your legs. 

For couple in the public place

* Do not kiss or hold hands on the public place.
But actually you will see brave young couple holding hands in a big city such as Shiraz or Tehran and then you can try to follow them. But just be smart. Don’t do all the time but only sometimes.

Iguazu falls travel guide in Brazil and Argentian

Iguaza falls from Argentina

Iguaza falls from Brazil


The map of Iguaza falls in Argentina

1.Visiting time
– Iguassu Falls in Argentina 8:30am~6:00pm
– Iguassu Falls in Brazil 9:00am~6:30pm (But ticket selling is only before 5:00pm)

2. Entrance fee (December, 2012) and information of exchange money.
– Iguassu Falls in Argentina – 130 Pesos (about 22$) / Iguassu Falls In Brazil – 41.1 Real (about 19$)
– Exchange money in Brazil is better than in Argentina.

3. To get Iguassu Falls of Argentina from the Brazil by Bus.
-If you go by car, it will take 30 minutes from the border to one side of Iguassu. But it takes too much time to go by bus.
– You have to take the bus at bus terminal in Brazil to go to the bus terminal of Argentina. (2$, 4 Brazil Real, 8 Argentina Pesos, to pay with Argentina Peso is better)
– After 20 minutes bus will stop at the Brazilian Immigration.
– If you will return to Brazil, you don’t need to stop.
– If you stop at Immigration, it will take 5 to 10 minutes to get stamp (It can be longer if there is long line). And then you can take the same company of bus which you took. But you have to wait over 30 minutes or one hour. (That is why you shouldn’t get stamp if you return to Brazil)
– But the bus will wait you to get stamp in the Argentine Immigration
– It takes 5 minutes to 10 minutes by bus from Brazilian Immigration to Argentine Immigration so that it is not good idea to walk from one side to other side of Immigration.
– After getting to Argentine bus terminal, you have to buy another ticket to Iguassu Falls. It is 50 Pesos (9$)
– It will take around 30 minutes from Argentine bus terminal to Iguassu Falls.
= So it will take over 2 hours or 3 hours from the place of Brazil to Iguassu Falls of Argentina. (It means it will take over 4 or 6 hours for round trip.)

4. From Brazil terminal to Brazil Iguassu Falls.
– It will take about 30 minutes to 40 minutes. Easier.

5. Difference from Argentina to Brazil
– You can see closer in Argentina, but you can see wider in Brazil.
– There is trekking in Argentina and Brazil. It is free in Argentina, but you have to pay extra money in Brazil.
– The park is really big that side of Argentina has the free train and side of Brazil has the free bus. You don’t need to wait longer.

6. More information
– It is very hot and humid (December)
– You will be burn if you don’t use sun block cream well.
– There are many gift shops in Brazil more than in Argentina inside of the park.
– There are many photographers which make album of photo. (More Especially in Brazil)
– You need water proof jacket which you can buy cheap one. It is the same as you are standing on the place raining. (It could be also good to bring umbrella.)
– Camera will be all right. I have cheap camcorder which costs 100$, but it was okay to take the video without any cover. (But you need luck. Who knows.)
-Iguassu is far from the border of Brazil and Argentina.


My journal about visiting Iguazu
[12/12/19~21 (D+478) Brazil-Argenitna-Brazil] Amazing Iguazu


The video of Brazil Iguassu

Easter Island Tour Information (Rapa Nui) in Chile

moai, chile, Easter island, Rapa nui

moai, chile, Easter island, Rapa nui

There is ‘Lan’ company.
Many way to get Rapa Nui. From Lima is knows as cheaper.
There were promotion that it was 400$
I’ve heard that usually it is expensive.
You can pay with visa and paypal.
If you pay for promotion, it would be two options.
4 nights and 5 days or 7 nights and 8 days.
From lima. Departure is 11:30 pm and arrive is around 6 : 30 am, the next day.

*Place to stay
Bring your tent : 5,000 pesos (11$), rental gear 12$ (be careful of bed bugs.)
Electricity plus Wi-Fi 5,000 pesos (11$) , Only Electricity 2,000 pesos (4$)
Dom : 8 pesos (17$)
Room : from 10,000~30,000 pesos (20$~60$)
Hot water
(If you book before, they will pick you up. Also they will drop you down when you leave. You can also book in the airport of Rapa Nui. It is not far from town to airport. Just 3~5 minutes? By car

*How to tour
1. Walking
It is big Island that you cannot walk entire Island in one day.
2. Bike 24 hours 8,000 pesos (16$)
(The main road to go to Anakena beach is paved, but the other roads are terribly gravel and unpaved. Remember that it is volcanic Island)
3. Motocycle 4 hours (20$), 8 hours (30$), 24 hours (47$),
4. Car
24 hours
Manual (62$~103$), If you borrow in Mihinoa (hostel), it is 41$
Auto car is 155$
5. Hitchhiking
I met two French guys in the hostel. They hitchhiked to Anakena Beach. They said they took five cars and most of car was driven by Chilean.
It is only 30 ~45 minutes from the town to beach by car.


*Info of the place
Tongariki / 15-Moai. It is not possible by bike and walking. Need car to see Sunrise
Tahai / 7-Moai. It is near the town. By walking will take 40~60 minutes.
Orongo / By car 15 minutes. By walking over one hour. But you can’t see sunset with crater. Sunset is the other side. If you don’t have the time, I recommend you to see sunset in Tahai
Tahai / Sunset. Moai has eyes. It is 40 minutes from the town
Ana Kai Tangata / Cave is near the town that you can walk to there. There is drawing of bird man.
Ana Kakenga / The other cave. It is different. It is too dark that you must need the light.
Ahu Akivi / 7-Moai. Near the Ana Kakenga
Anakena beach / Beautiful beach is on the north. There is 7-Moai
Rano Raraku / It is Quarry. You have to pay 50$ for entrance.
Ahu Tongariki / Sunrise. 15-Mai.
Harbor / You can see turtle.

*Entrance fee
It is 60$ for Quarry and Orong.
If you buy in the airport, it is 50$
If you couldn’t buy ticket when you arriveed, you can buy it later
Dollar is better than Pesos for paying
You can use ticket for 5 days, but you can go just one time for each place.
You can’t share your ticket with other people, because they stamp on your ticket when you go inside.

(Is it worth to go Quarry?
In my opinion, definitely! You can imagine what happened at there and understand more than before.)
(You can see Orongo without ticket. Orongo’s crater is big so that you don’t need to go inside. If you go to the national park of Orongo, you can see their old culture and small Island for Bird Man)

* Info of Island
– I drink tap water and it is no problem. But I put some fruit powder just in case.
– The waves are super awesome that if you love surfing, you will love there. But scuba diving is not recommended.
– It is rainy Island. If you have water proof, then bring it! (It can be different for the seasons.)
– It is chilly in the night
– It is not smaller Island to walk and there is no bus. Bring your walking shoes
– There are too many super big cockroaches. (It can be different for the seasons.)
– There are so many dogs which are so friendly. When I went to Post office, four dogs were following me. But don’t worry if you don’t like dogs. Just don’t pay attention. Then they won’t bother you.
– In my opinion it is the safest place that I’ve ever been in Latin America
I hanged my camera on my shoulder without camera bag. Of course you need always common sense!
– The tree around the beach is new things.

* Price
– I’ve never been Europe, but I think the price will be similar to Europe.
– Post office is near the harbor. Just go up to the town from harbor. Off on Sunday. 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday. Off at lunch time on weekday. It is just one dollar to send post card to any place. It will take over 20 days.
You can get stamp on your passport.
– There is a special beer which you can buy only on the Island. It is almost 3.5 $ for one beer. Taste is really weird? good?
– There is also Korean alcohol which Korean love so much.

Journal about Easter Island I wrote at that time. There are facts about mystery. 
(Chile) Do you know mystery Rapa Nui? How about Easter Island and Moai?
★If there is wrong or new information, please leave comment.★

Peru Machu Picchu tour information


1. Huayna Picchu (Machu Picchu is around 50 $, Huayna Picchu is around 10 $// you can get discount if you are students having an ISIC card.)
You must book to climb Huayna Picchu before three or four days.
Book at here :
To climb Huayna Picchu is very hard that it is too steep. (One way, 40 minute or one hour)
I don’t recommend the senior to climb.

(Yellow one is the road for a train and Red one is the road for a car. Cusco is on the right side and Machu Picchu is left side.)

2. Train ticket
It was expensive on October 2012.
Ollantaytambo – Aguas Calientes : Round trip is around 100 $
Hidroelectrica) – Aguas Calientes : One way around 15 $
Book at here : ,

3. The way to get to Machu Picchu – Inca Trail (Imitation around 180 $/ Real one around 400$)
The road on which Inca (King) used for visiting to Machu Picchu is real one and the imitation is just similar trail. The real one is run by the government so that it has limited visitor. You must book to do it. It is around 400 $. Imitation is around 180$. The schedule will be like 3 nights and 4 days and you will sleep in the tent, and guide will cook for you.

4. The way to get to Machu Picchu – Train (Around 170$)
Cuzco -(bus or taxi, 3h, 6$)- Ollantaytambo -(train, 4h, 50$)- Aguas Calientes -(bus, 15m, 9$)- Machu Picchu(Ticket 50$)
/There are two ways to go to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes, by bus (9$, 15 minutes) or by walking (free but takes one and half hour. Also it is hard.).

5. The way to get to Machu Picchu – Tour car (Around 130$)
– They will pick up people on Cusco.
– People will go to Hidroelectrica by car and it would take over 7 hours.
– Hidroelectrica-Aguas Calientes by walking. It is flat but too hot and takes two hours.
– sleep one night in Aguas Calientes
– If one wants to walk to Machu Picchu, one has to start walking around 5 am.
/There are two ways to go to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes, by bus (9$, 15 minutes) or by walking (free but takes one and half hour. Also it is hard.).
– Must come back before 1 pm. – Take the train to come back to Hidroelectrica
– Take the car and go back to Cusco. Arriving in Cusco around 9 pm

6. The way to get to Machu Picchu – oneself (Around 110$)
– Take the bus to Santa Maria. (Around 10 $, 6 hours)
– Colectivo taxi to Santa Teresa- Hidroelectrica
– Hidroelectrica-Aguas Calientes by walking. It is flat but too hot and takes two hours.
– sleep one night in Aguas Calientes
– There are two ways to go to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes, by bus (9$, 15 minutes) or by walking (free but takes one and half hour. Also it is hard.).
(You should check the tour agency in Cusco that you can take the car from Hidroelectrica to Cusco)

7. Other information
– Dry season is June to August. Bring water proof jacket in case at rainy season.
– No bathroom at Machu Picchu, but at the entrance. Nee to pay to use bathroom.
– Ticket is for one day so that out and in is free.
– Need passport to get in.
– Water is very expensive in the entrance.
– (In my opinion) Guide is really helpful to understand history. Huayna Picchu is not necessary because Machu Picchu is more beautiful.

(If information is wrong or changed, please let me know)

Ukraine Bukovel ski trail map and some info


You can download from here



The map from Bukovel was not helpful to me. So I used offline map on my iPhone. I made this map from my offline map and put the direction.

You can download from here


Main info (Click the link)
Bukovel Main website
Hotels on
Bukovel Online cam 24 hours
Bukovel weather
Check which lift you taken with your ski pass number

Lift info
– Lift 7 is for a practice slope
– There is no beginner slope from 1 lift to 7 lift. Only intermediate slope from 1 to 7 lift
– From Lift 2 to 7 is a bit uphill
– If you turn right from 7 lift before the building, you can go to lift 14
– You cannot go to lift 5 from 7,14,2 lift because of the uphill.
– You can go from Lift 11 to 15 or from 15 to 11. It is two- way

Other info
-A grocery in the resort is much expensive. If you go back 3 km, there are cheap grocery shops in a small village.
-You might rent ski in the hotel with the discount
-Spring snow could be helpful to practice on an intermediate or advanced slope.
-Smooth melting snow could be not helpful for a beginner


More story about Bukovel




Salar de uyuni tour

bolivia_uyuni52 bolivia_uyuni33 bolivia_uyuni21

* Info for tourist (The info from 2012)
– Route for 2 days and 3 nights is red line. It is around 700~1,000 Bol (100~130$)
There is two ways that the first one is to go to Chile and the other one is round trip.
(Last a few years, over 16 people have been killed on the road. It would be good to spend more money to choose good tour company in Uyuni)
– One full day tour is around 150 Bol (21$).



*Info for Cyclist
Uyuni(town) – Colchani town (Entrance for Salar de Uyuni) 24 km (15 mi)
Colchani – Entrance of Salar de Uyuni 4 km (2.5 mi)
Entrance of Salar de Uyuni – Salt hotel 8 km (5 mi)
Salt hotel – Incahuasi(Pescado Island) 66 km (41.25 mi)
Incahuasi(Pescado Island) – To Chile (Bahia Malu Malu) Around 20 km (12.5 mi)
(From Colchani to Incahuasi is kind of uphill and very strong head wind. If you go from Incahuasi to Colochani, then it will be kind of downhill and back wind.)

Total you will ride in Salar de Uyuni is only around 94 km (58.75 mi)
But there is other option like round trip or something other way if you have confidence that you will not get lost. Remember that if you go out of the main road, you will have been dangerous.
– Must need sunglass. (I read the journal that some people cycled without sunglass and then he went to hospital and stayed for three nights in the hospital.)
– Need Long gloves. I have six holes on my groves’ finger that it is really comfortable for Ipod. But after riding in Uyuni, I have too pain with six fingers because it was too dry that bleed.
– Make sure cover your all skin from the strong sun and reflection. It is an altitude of 3,600 km.
– Don’t forget protecting your ears. (I forgot cover ears that I got burn on ears as if somebody hits my ears with hands.)
– It was okay to sleep at Incahuasi, but the second day it was too cold to sleep on the salt lat. Although I caught terrible cold, it was not below zero.



* Info of Uyuni town
– I saw info that there is only one ATM in Uyuni. But I saw at least over three ATM in Uyuni now.
– Hostel will be around 5~7 $.
– The town is really far from the city that there is kind of no Wi-Fi. But PC caf? is okay for speed internet. (One hour, 4~6 Bol (Around 1$/ Close around 10 or 11 pm)
– Restaurant is twice price in the center. When you go down to two or three block, then you can find cheap restaurant. (Road is Peru y Arce))
– It is rainy season from December to March so that backpacker will love touring at that time, but not for cyclist.

->Read the journal of Salar de Uyuni with my bicycle


*If you have recent information, please let me know.