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Gear for cycling in the winter


On Oct, Nov, the temperature was -5c~-10c (23f~14f)
On Jan 0 (32f)~-15c (5f)
The coldest was -21 c (-5.8f)



My gear was really cheap one

Thin sports hat (no picture)
If I felt cold, then I wore hat of red waterproof to keep heat.

I had a winter buff. There was thin part. But it was very easy to wet, which made me feel colder.
I wished special winter mask to breathe well.

Long sleeved shirt (7$?)+Red water wind proof jacket (10?)- until -5c (23f) was okay
When it was colder than -10c (14f), I put winter jacket inside of water wind proof jacket. And then actually the winter jacket was wet with the sweat.
Winter jacket was also not a sport gear, but cheap one.

*Bottom –
Bicycle pants (20$?) + Long pants (7$?) + Black wind water proof (10$?)

Cheap ski gloves (15$?)+ simple winter gloves
My hands were painful often with coldness.
Then I made clench my fist at the inside of gloves during cycling to have heat.

Winter socks + waterproof socks(not much helpful)+Winter boots (30$)+ waterproof cover for shoes
The toes were the most painful part too often.
Every day I was struggling to not have frostbite on the toes
I even tried to cover news paper on my feet. But it was actually worst because the sweat stayed there. So, it was very difficult to warm up again.
Usually to warm up cold toes took one or two hours. The way to warm up was to keep moving in side of shoes during cycling.

*I didn’t sleep at the outside. I was already invited by local people except one time at -2c (28f). Maybe that how I survive with poor gear in the winter cycling.

*My experience
I didn’t need expensive gear to cycle at extremely cold winter.
The cheap windproof was very good. It was too cheap to have breathe function. So, the jacket kept all my heat. (But in the summer at raining day, it was horrible because I am wet with sweat.)

The name of bicycle parts


It is important to know some name of bicycle parts in case I have to explain what the problem I have.

Over 38,000 km (23,750 mi), I’ve changed most of part except the frame, handle bar, levers,front deraileur, seatpost clamp, stem, and headset.

I have too often broken spoke on the rear wheel. I can say I got more broken spokes on the rear wheel than flat tire. The reason is I carry too many things on the rear. Another problem I have faced often is with derailleur. Quite often it is out of tuning and to me it is so difficult to adjust.

Schwalbe tire is the best part of my bicycle I like. My frame is Surly which is really stronger and heavier, so I like it.

I will talk about my bicycle’s part when I have the time one day.

(The picture is from google’s image.)